Collect NFT CAPS and play to earn

OUR PLATFORM - metaverse of NFT games where you collect NFT CAPS, earn tokens, and level up your CAPS by competing with other players

CapsCoin is the cryptocurrency that unites all games on the platform
about us
Build your collection of CAPS, fight against real players, bet and win CapsCoin cryptocurrency.
Collecting all CAPS from one set gives you extra bonuses in the games and increases the value of your entire collection.
Each battle pumps up your CAPS. The more you play, the higher your chance to win and get extra bonuses.
Fight and win!
Collect and earn
Upgrade & dominate
We cooperate with game developers all over the world. You can integrate your game into our platform
Game 2: Crypto Knights
Genre: Strategy, Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
World: Infinity universe
Release: JUN.2023
Game 1: Catoverse
Genre: Сollection quest
Setting: Technomagic
World: Infinity universe
Release: FEB.2023
coming soon
Game 1: Beetle Match
Genre: TRPG + 4X
Setting: Fantasy manapunk
Release: MAR.2023
Game 2: Agent Karter
Genre: Shooter
Setting: World War I
Release: JUN.2023
Game 3: Epic Island
Genre: Strategy
Setting: Fantasy
Release: JUL.2023

We are integrating P2E into any games

The first 3 games from Prime Games on our platform
If you would like to bring your games to our platform, please write to this Email:
YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY To get a limited collection of the caps!
Caps is a unique
crypto-asset based on NFT
Caps value always rises depending on the activity of participation in the ecosystem
YOU CAN rented out YOUR CAPS — a new kind of gamified mining

game markers
The more successful CAPS in the game - the more liquidity it gets
Borrow or rent CAPS - new kind of gamified mining
You can convert your NFTs into a CAPS and use it in every game of our Metaverse
What is Caps?
Connect to the real object
contains capscoin
gaming history
Predicted increase in value
royalty system
collects XP
(User Experience)
• contains capscoin cryptocurrency
• NFT Art
• royalty system
• collects XP (User Experience)
• Keeps gaming history
• Predicted increase in value

We use ENVELOP protocol to provide you with the best monetization of your NFT CAPS
You can read more about the technical information of the ENVELOP protocol

How it works
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Vladislav Pestrikov (CEO)
Exp: Development of Blockchain and game products (CryptoFlowers), CEO Game Industry, LLC
Other: 35 y.o., 12 years in strategic development
Pavel Eliseev (Co-founder)
Exp: Entrepreneur, expert in Blokchain association, management consulting for 8 years
Other: 32 y.o., 12 years of management experience

Nikita Sidorov (COO)
Exp: Entrepreneur, expert in operating consulting for 6 years, COO Midware Art
Other: 32 y.o., 10 years of management experience

Mikhail Riazanov (CBDO)
Exp: Head of publishing in MY.COM Games (Evolution), mobile technologies (native apps, Mobile WEB)
Other: 43 years, 12 years of experience in gaming design

Oksana Iarosh (CСO)
Exp: Art Transaction Festival organizer, marketing specialist in Black Star Inc.
Other: 31 y.o., 10 years of design experience and project management

Nikita Zalesov (CMO)
Exp: Marketing for crypto projects, expert. Marketing specialist in Segmento, Tinkoff Digital
Other: 32 y.o., 8 years of marketing experience
Kenguruka Grevisse (CTO)
Exp: Senior Fullstack Developer (Bazateh), content author (Yandex Practicum)
Other: 34 years, over 5 years of experience in software development.
Vitaliv (British digital artist)
Exp: ICO, entrepreneur
(founder TV-3, Digital art foundation)
Other: 64 y.o, 31 years of experience in Art
Edward Antov (adviser)
Exp: CEO of Jungle Peak Studios, Azaya Film etc. Head of venture cap, company
Other: 52 y.o. 25 years of experience in game, films and finance
Robert Shields (adviser)
Exp: CEO of Idelvr technologies (USA)
Other: 64 y.o, 31 years of experience in development and management
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